A Guide to Video Optimization: How to Optimize Video Content for SEO?

Online videos are becoming widely adopted on business websites and other social media platforms, as it offers tremendous SEO-beneficial results.

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Every brand aims to produce content that is distinct from what the audiences typically see on social media channels. That’s why most brands strive to engage their audiences through videos, as it has the advantage of capturing viewers’ attention for a prolonged time. But how do you make a video SEO friendly? Here’s what you should know:

Online videos are becoming widely adopted on business websites and other social media platforms, as it offers tremendous SEO-beneficial results. However, you have to be aware that after producing a good piece of video, the work does not end there; it must also be properly optimized. 

For your video campaign to achieve better results, it must reach users who are unfamiliar and completely unaware of your brand. To successfully achieve this, it is critical that your video appears in the search results for related search engine queries. Although there are numerous approaches that can be used, let’s look through some of the ways that will give your videos the greatest shot of gaining visibility.

The best practices of video optimization:

1. Use video clip markup: The first step towards achieving an SEO-friendly video is to help search engines discover and properly index it. In most cases, the page on which your video is embedded does not really appear to be thoroughly descriptive or detailed enough for search engines to index it. So to properly index a video, you must adhere to what most search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) require: the three basic information.

  1. The title
  2. The meta description
  3. The thumbnail

If the required properties are not included, Google may be unable to interpret any information about the video. So make it appealing.

2. Text content optimization: Keyword research, similar to website optimization, should be done before creating your video to find common terms people are searching for related to your video’s talking point. You can find relevant terms by simply typing a query into the search bar of any search engine like Google.

Optimizing the title tag and meta description for the page on your website where the video will be embedded will help search engines verify and validate the main point of your video. It is also critical to ensure that the keywords are highly relevant to what your video is about and not just used for clickbait; otherwise, the user will be disappointed and will end up leaving the page. If you are hosting the video on your website, make certain that there is additional information supporting each video on your page. The goal is to provide users with useful, informative content that will entice them to start sharing your video to help you gain entirely new audiences.

3. Include a Video Transcript: Making a video transcription enables search engines to crawl the converted text, which will help them determine what your video is all about. Video transcripts allow you to significantly improve your keywords, making your video extra SEO-friendly. Furthermore, video transcripts make your videos a lot more visible and accessible to other users.

4. Publish the video to several locations: Hosting the video on your website is an excellent way to engage visitors and boost conversions. If you want to raise brand awareness, posting your video on multiple platforms (such as YouTube or Facebook) will allow you to generate wide-ranging audiences who may not be knowledgeable about your brand. Furthermore, publishing your videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms guarantees they are instantly streamlined for mobile viewing. This leads us to the next point.

5. Make sure your video is mobile-friendly: Most users watch videos on their smartphones, so creating videos tailored to mobile users is becoming more and more vital for video production projects in reaching audiences. It was far more important than ever to make absolutely sure that your website and videos are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Wrapping up

This is not an extensive and thorough array of video optimization techniques, but these will surely help to secure that your videos are bound for increased awareness and greater visibility in search engines. Producing a well-optimized, insightful, captivating video will lead the way for astounding results and open up avenues in the SEO world. Plus, there are lots of seo experts and agency out there that you can hire to meet your search marketing needs.

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