Key Factors Why Your Links Aren’t Bringing You Any Traffic

Link building can be extremely effective at driving more organic traffic when combined with strong SEO foundations.

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Well-optimized sites gain traffic over time, resulting in more leads and sales. Without SEO, searchers are unlikely to find your site, and all of your efforts will be in vain. But if you are wondering why your website links aren’t bringing in enough traffic, here’s what you might miss:

1. Your links are from Irrelevant Websites

Backlinks become irrelevant if the links come from web pages that do not even serve your page’s topic. The first thing to consider in determining a good link is its relevance.  The web pages linked to your page’s topic must be significant, as this may help you attract potential customers who otherwise would not have done business with you. To keep your prospects closer to you, you should always remember that creating relevant content matters.

2. You are not getting referral traffic.

One of the major factors of not getting referral traffic is a broken link. Fixing this does not only entails searching for broken links to your website but also across other sites. It usually requires finding the external links to other websites that possibly result in a page not being found. In this case, you must reach out to the website owner to notify them of the error and suggest alternative replacement links. 

3. Broken Links 

Broken links can negatively impact your website’s ranking because search engines view a broken link as a sign that your website is not well-maintained and not up-to-date. A broken link can also lead to a high bounce rate, which is another factor that can affect your website’s ranking.

In building broken links, you must come up with a well-thought-out and effective solution, and for it to be viable, you need to break down your approach into three steps:

  1. Tracking down broken links from relevant web pages.
  2. Generating or pinning down content that is worth linking to.
  3. Conducting outreach to convince a website owner to fix broken or dead links on their page with yours.

4. You Are Writing Content for the Wrong Websites

Perhaps the blogs you are writing for and the customers you are attempting to reach are unrelated to the industry you cater to. If your content marketing isn’t working, try to assess whether your efforts target the right audience. Understanding your customers first before launching any digital efforts is extremely important. And choosing a website in your niche for which you will write blogs is essential as well,  as it will have a greater chance of giving you a backlink wherein your content will be directly or strongly relevant to what it offers to its readers.

5. Competitors Have Better Links

When competitors share content and link to a more relevant website, they become more dominant or superior to you. By understanding how and from where your competitors acquire links, you can find opportunities to establish relationships with people relevant to your business.

And there are two major approaches to competitive link-building:

  1. Develop a webpage that would be far better than your competitors and reach out to the referring domain, requesting to link to your page instead.
  1. Find dead or redirected page links on your competitor’s website and notify the referring domain that they are linking to a dead or redirected page. As an alternative, offer a credible and relevant page from your website.

Wrapping up

Driving traffic every day isn’t just for top-performing sites. And yes, it can be really challenging. But by putting in the extra effort, you’ll be able to achieve and even visualize the results you desire. You simply need to learn how to do it correctly, and practice makes perfect.

Follow the great guidelines above and delve into the resources provided. And one more thing: link building can be extremely effective at driving more organic traffic when combined with strong technical SEO foundations, keen on-page SEO, excellent content, and a good user experience.

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