Know The Difference Between Quality and Toxic Backlinks

Determine whether the backlinks you have are of great quality or are simply toxic backlinks set up for unethical ranking attempts.

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Backlinks will continue to be vitally important for SEO, as they signal search engines like Google that another resource finds your content significant enough to link with. And, in case you are not completely aware of what backlinks are, well… backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website,  otherwise known as inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links. Google and other major search engines regarded backlinks as “votes” for a specific webpage. Webpages with a high number of backlinks are more likely to have higher organic search rankings. But it all depends on whether the backlinks you have are of great quality are simply toxic backlinks set up for unethical ranking attempts.

What precisely are toxic backlinks? As one might expect, toxic backlinks can damage one’s website’s reputation if search engines figure out the links came from a not-so-trusted website. 

But how do we know if the backlinks we earn are toxic? These are a few factors to consider:

Know if it comes from sites that have been set up only for the purpose of linking out. Linking to your website just for the sake of linking out does not do you any good; hence, it can be really problematic, as it can negatively impact your credibility and industry expertise if the content of the external sites has nothing to do with you.

Weigh up if it comes from other sites that are not topically relevant. If this happens, you can contact the webmaster and request removal. These irrelevant backlinks always have their downside, and it all comes back to your online brand. Set a backlink goal that is relevant and competitive at the same time. And for all digital marketers and SEO professionals, please refrain from wasting your time linking to other websites that do not add value to your content. Plus, ascertain why the links you built aren’t generating traffic.

Determine if backlinks come from sites that are not indexed by Google. Well, having these types of backlinks usually imply that it is toxic as they do not contain much unique content and do not meet the minimum quality level. So if you are going to link to external sites, you must as well consider quality. Always link to reputable sources.

To put it simply, if it commonly displays signs of low-quality backlinks or an attempt to manipulate rankings, then it is definitely a toxic one. 

Do not overlook or cut corners when it comes to link building. We have to be mindful and strategic when building links and earning backlinks, as it will always be an important aspect of SEO. When you have quality backlinks, search engines, particularly Google, interpret all of those votes of confidence as proof that your content is valuable. When a large number of websites link back to yours, search engines are more likely to surface your content in results pages and boost your search ranking.

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