The Five Cornerstones of Writing SEO-Friendly Press Releases 

Writing your press releases properly and diligently may lead you to get quality and keyword-rich links to your site.

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To get positive press for your company, you must tell a compelling story to the media. And you can increase the number of links indexed by eminent search engines by employing a painstaking press release strategy. In other words, writing your press releases properly and diligently may lead you to get quality and keyword-rich links to your site. How is this possible? Well… by putting in just a little extra effort, you can get great returns; reap better value for your dollars with your press release. Here are five simple and helpful tips for fulfilling this goal:

1. Optimize the first paragraph

Ensure you are getting the meat of your message within the opening paragraph of your content. There are two key reasons for all this. First, having quality and relevant content from the first part of your write-ups simplifies the process for search engine algorithms to fully understand your press release.

2. Related SEO keywords and phrases should be hyperlinked and bolded.

This approach will greatly assist in providing relevant links to the targeted keywords in your current SEO campaign. Using hyperlinks in your content makes it more convenient for your audiences to gather information. This allows them to easily verify your material, answer any questions they may have, and find related content to read for them to learn and discover more.

3. Make proper use of hyperlinks.

When writing SEO-friendly press releases, beginners frequently over-link. It is crucial to keep control and refrain from overdoing it. This will only make it more difficult for users to read your press release. Search engines will consider this spam and may ignore your efforts entirely. In worse cases, search engines may even penalize your website, which will significantly harm your brand.

4. Make certain that your topic is newsworthy.

How do you usually qualify a piece of content as “newsworthy?” The answer varies depending on the audience, right?  This is where you must keep the end user in mind and keep their interest and attention intact. When writing an SEO-friendly press release, you may consider covering the following topics: special events, giveaways, promotions of new products/services, business expansion, operational changes, etc.

5. Include contact details and links.

Include your business and contact information at the end of your press release, along with hyperlinks. Remember that some sites that display your press release may not allow this, but it is advantageous to have this information, as various sites will point these links back to your site.

Wrapping up

A press release is an effective way to communicate vital news and events about your brand. By writing your press release in an SEO-friendly sense, you can ensure that it acts as a booster to your SEO efforts. Indeed, a press release is extremely helpful for SEO, whereas having information anything about your brand or website cited in the news and mainstream media increases visibility. It paves the way for promoting your brand and for gaining robust exposure.

So don’t be reluctant to try different approaches to see what works best for you. Experimenting with your results will help you tweak your press releases and other SEO efforts that bring real value to your brand.

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